Established in 2022, APOGEE GNSS is a joint venture between APOGEE Precision Lasers & Paragon Instrumentation Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Noida, it also has its presence in Roorkee, Gujarat, Hapur.

APOGEE GNSS is the leading provider of technologies and expertise in inventing innovative solutions. From manufacturing products to providing solutions, APOGEE’s software, solutions, services are revolutionizing many industries such as agriculture, construction, communication, geospatial, surveying & engineering.

What We Do

APOGEE GNSS offers an extensive range of equipment like GNSS Receivers, CORS, Unmanned systems, GIS Data Collector, Radio, and softwares like VRS, NTRIP.

At APOGEE GNSS, our innovative products make your work hassle-free and more productive. Our GNSS solutions help to provide reliable, highly precise positioning in surveying & engineering, agriculture, etc.

As the leading provider of highly precise GNSS receivers, rugged data collectors, software solutions, etc, we are pleased by the quality and services that we deliver to our clients.

Key Resources

  • In APOGEE GNSS, we have a team of almost 25 engineers working in embedded development, Software application, CAM Designing, PCB Designing, and server application.
  • In-house CNC Machining and PCB Prototyping facilities..
  • A team of application and support engineers.
  • A dynamic workforce of almost 75 motivated skilled persons.

Our Values

  • Customer satisfaction : We ensure that each customer is treated with dignity and satisfied with our products and services
  • Quality : We are committed to continuous improvement of all our activities and delivery of quality product and services.
  • Integrity : We always maintain credibility by making certain our actions match our words.
  • Respect : We respect each employee’s right to be involved, to the greatest extent possible or desired, in making informed decisions about his or her career growth and contribution to the organization.
  • Accountability : We accept personal responsibility to efficiently use organization resources, improve our systems, and help others improve their effectiveness.

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